Snap and Grid problem


I have a weird problems with my Cubase 8.5. It’s probably not a bug but What am I doing wrong?

  1. Snap is lighted up, mode “grid” (tried others too), quantize set to 1/4… and yet snap not working! help!
  2. part editor’s and midi editor’s grids don’t match! ???how the heck did I do that and how do I fix it???
  3. how can I stop that changing bpm is changing grid size?

I messed something up [only logical explanation]…
please help me…

Guy D.


  1. Do you mean in Project window or in editor?
  2. Could you send a screenshot?
  3. Is your ruler in the Bars & Beats?


  1. Project window
  3. I don’t know/understand … What to check?

OMG… I’m so stupid!
Thank you! Found it!
[right clicking the loop selector]

I just wonder what changed it…

Thank You Very Very Much!

What about the iterative quantize? Looks like you have that enabled. From what I understand, iterative quantize only snaps within a certain range of the designated interval.