snap broken?

Having an issue where eventhough snap is on, and grid type is set to bar, I keep being able to move off the grid when copying/dragging parts.
It seems to behave similarly to adaptive snap, wondering if others are experiencing this?

Had it today for the first time on 9.5, and so just checked into the forum to see if anyone else had had this problem!

Works as expected here.

Could be a Mac only issue. Try and make a repro if you can.

It works here as well most of the time!

I had a single session yesterday started in 9.0 where Snap just suddenly stopped working no matter what the settings were.

Only way to fix it was quit and restart.

yes I having the same problem. even though the range is set to 1.1.0 to 9.1.0 it does not start at one…I keep having to move the first beat to 1.1.0
it is very annoying…the snap use to be tighter on the drop