Snap Crackle Pop

I’m suddenly getting a lot of snap crackle pop in my projects. I usually run Cubase at 256 samples, but now I have to run it at 2048 samples to avoid the noises.

In an effort to solve the problem I’ve reinstalled my audio interface’s (Fireface UFX) driver, and did a firmware update for it.

My current Cubase project is pretty simple…Omnisphere and a few odds and ends that have never caused a problem.

I ran DPC Latency Monitor and it says there are no issues with my system. I have a Sweetwater Creation Station CS450v3, which has always been up to the task.

I’m pretty sure this all started after I installed the latest W10 update. Has anyone else experienced this problem since updating?


I’m now running my Fireface UFX at 2048 samples, and the Cubase Audio Performance meter (F12) is peaking out and crackling in a project that has just an Omnisphere Multi with 6 sounds active.

My Steam folder (from which Omnisphere accesses its sounds) is on a separate SSD, so that shouldn’t be causing the problem.

I had that problem on one song. I went into the settings and clicked on “asio guard” solved it.

Thank you, however I already had AG on, and when I turned it off for Omnisphere it made the problem worse. So I turned it back on.

I had a similar issue and was related to CC info recorded in a track. More specifically, I had copied-and-pasted a part into a new location on the track, and the CC’s were essentially “combined”. This caused erratic and very dense CC information in the new location. Re-recording the CC info solved the issue. I would at least check if that could be the case.

Turning on Steinberg Power Scheme solved that problem for me.