Snap in project window

When copying parts ,snap in project window works as expected…the copy snaps to whatever value is set in quantize…But it does not seem to work on shared copy.
When doing a shared copy the copy is deposited wherever the cursor is placed…ie. it does not snap and one has to drag the copy to activate snap.
This happens both with audio and midi.
Can anyone reproduce this?

Win 8.1


How do you make the Shared copy? Shift + Alt?



I cannot reproduce this. It works as expected here.

Didn’t you change Preferences > Editing > Tool Modifiers > Side Objects > Disable Snapping from the default Ctrl to Alt or Shift?

Hi Martin
Found the problem.
The pc keyboard was not mapped correctly so pressing alt actually sent out a different symbol.I must have remapped keyboard for some other application and forgot all about it…duh!
However problem is now solved.
Thank you.