Snap in Sample Editor - Snap to Transients

  1. Snap in the Sample Editor doesn’t seem to do anything. Is there anyway to snap to transients when working in the “Definitions” tab?

  2. The “Definitions” tab is a nightmare for me since you can’t lock in beats and only seems to be something you use on small 4 bars or less segments. You can’t lock a beat you have set like you would in Pro Tools 7.4 and up and Logic 9 and up.

  3. For the event or even in the Project editor there is no way to idtentify beat so you are always using the slow and painful mouse! Carpal tunnel syndrome big time when working with Cubase in locking in things that “Tempo Detection…” doesn’t pick up very well which for me is a lot of stuff. I have tried so many workarounds with Macros using “Merge Tempo from Tapping” and playing in audio clicks to a track to get beats to line up. It would be so much faster to just be able to “Identify Beat” like in Pro Tools with the current position of the cursor or range selection so we can “tab to transient” or “Locate Next Hitpoint” and update without ever touching the mouse.

  4. Locate Next Hitpoint though wonderful that we got that in Cubase 7.5 and is fantastic that they added it with a threashold which I had been begging for in Pro Tools for years, does not detect transients on beats even when set to the most sensitive setting as well as Pro Tools does without having a threashold. Pro Tools seems to look at frequency of the content as well and not just purely amplitude which is so very helpful.