Snap Length Issues in Key Controller for Digital Instruments

I have looked at the forum and on YouTube/Google and user manual but I can’t find a solution to this little problem.

I’m a digital composer and work a lot with MIDI and digital instruments and obviously the snap tool is vital for accurate playing.
Currently I’m working on a piece in 6/8 time but, no matter what quantize settings are selected, the length of the notes
will not snap to less than a crotchet and a half (dotted crotchet). Thus, the length is in the inspector. As a temporary
solution, I’ve had to manually type in the length to make the notes in-between (minums, crotches, quavers, etc) or use the legato
function, but this is a painstakingly long process to deal with as a solution.

Additionally, in other projects it worked semi fine but notes could not be shorter that a 16th note (semi-quaver).

I don’t know if it’s an issue with a setting that I can’t find or if it’s a bug in the system.
Could anyone assist with this?

Hi and welcome,

What kind of Instrument do you use?

In some cases, this is done by purpose. For example if you have violin single player, then the sample has a specific length, which simulates the length of real note played by the real violin player. Then he has to change the bow direction, so he “triggers a new note”.

Is this the case on your side?

Hi Martin.Jirak (and thanks),

That doesn’t seem to be the problem because it happens with all instruments over different plug-ins.
However, since I posted this problem, I have found that in this 6/8 piece, the front slider(end of note) snaps by dotted crotchets only (half a bar at a time), but the back slider does quantize correctly all the way to 64th notes.

Furthermore, if the notes are placed from the end of the bar, or the beginning of the next bar, and snapped backwards, that works fine.
At the looks of things, it all appears to work in reverse.