Snap line to exactly vertical

When I create a vertical line, it’s tiny, the size of the notehead. So typically I want to extend the length. Is there any way to snap to vertical in the engrave mode? It seems very fiddly and basically inaccurate to do this by hand, even at high magnification. Most graphics programs support this type of adjustment. I am aware that if I select two notes, say, the line will be perfectly vertical, but I often want to extend it to the top and bottom lines of staves (for beatlines, similar to barlines).

Hi Andro.
Last time I used vertical lines, there would be a property (bottom panel) with start and end toggles, with which I could choose where the line would start and end. It seems that could help you.

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Yes, see here.

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@Lillie_Harris Why I can’t find these things in the manual is a mystery! I suppose when one is in a hurry to engrave you just somehow miss it, even when in plain sight… Back in the old days, it was always nice to have a printed manual (imagine!) and sit down and read it from cover to cover, but somehow the mode of interacting with online manuals is not like that. To that extent, we have lost a certain way of learning.

We do try to put alternative phrasing in etc but there’s a limit to what’s possible. In this instance, just taking some key words from your initial post brings up the relevant topic at the top of the search results. Trying a few variations of key words related to what you want to achieve, and sometimes stripping them back to their basics, will help.

@Lillie_Harris No its not a Dorico manual shortcoming, don’t think that. It’s just me - when learning a new program one is often juggling a dozen perplexities at once and it it easy to miss what is in plain sight! Turning on the properties panel for a start is a good idea (I forget to do this!).

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It takes time to learn something like this! And yes the Properties panel will be your friend for individual changes, Engraving Options is your sidekick for global changes.