Snap pizz. performance technique prevents multi-bar rest?

I couldn’t understand why the double bass part has an unconsolidated pair of bar rests, when all other parts with notes and rests in the same place have the expected multi-bar rest. And it seems to be due to the presence of a performance technique on the first quaver (in this case a snap pizz.):

Is this a known bug, and is there anything I can do about it?

Could it be that the playing technique has a duration that goes beyond those empty bars?
snap pizz duration

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Aaaah - of course! I hadn’t remembered that it has a duration. Thanks!!
(Having tried it) This is odd - I couldn’t get my little red circle to move at all, so I deleted the symbol and redid it with the popover, and Bingo! - the multirest appeared. Interesting (for me) to note, though - the ‘new’ one doesn’t have a red circle at all until I double-click on the symbol itself, whereas the ‘old’ one showed a circle as soon as I selected the symbol.

Here is some information about playing technique duration. Playing techniques don’t have start/end handles until or unless they have duration.

You can lengthen/shorten playing techniques using the same key commands as for other items with duration.

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