Snap point in editor missing. Why?

Hello there!

The snap point is missing. I WAS using it, but now I can’t find it anymore…
Why did it disappeared?
See my screenshot

Thanks in advance!


Are you sure the Snap was present in the VariAudio editor? Isn’t it visible in the 1st tab only?

Well, this is a screenshot in a tutorial un youtube… This is what I don’t see


Yes, this is not the VariAudio. Select the most top tab, please.

Do you mean this tab? It is actually selected, as in tis picture… W

hat do you mean by TopTab?

I suggest you start in Cubase Safe Mode and disable preferences to test.

Does it look correct now?

Yes, it worked…

So I guess I should reset my preferences… unless you have a suggestion.

Thanks Steve!


Yes, trash the preferences, please.

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You’re welcome. As @Martin.Jirsak has said, delete preferences. (start up again in Safe Mode dialog and check the box to delete prefs.)

I imagine that preferences accumulated from update to update can generate distortions. And maybe it’ll also remove some bugs that I haven’t seen yet!

Hm… interesting. Over the years, the developers have separated out many things that used to be in Defaults.xml (that’s the file that is disabled or deleted from the safe mode dialog.)

So deleting that file has become rather trivial.

You might be interested in this list: Preferences of Cubase and Nuendo