Snap Point Sometimes Disappears After Minimize?

When I minimize an audio file in the Media Pool, its Snap Point sometimes goes missing. When I go to the Sample Editor, the Event Start and Event End controls are still there but the Snap Point control is gone. Is there any way to get the Snap Point back or create a new one?

Any advice is appreciated.


On the Screenshot I can see the event doesn’t start at the beginning of the file. Isn’t the Snap Point out of the event?

No, the entire event is displayed in the screenshot, a la Zoom Full (Shift-F). As such, the Snap Point should be visible but isn’t.

I cannot reproduce out here so far.

Are you in Mac or Windows? Was the Snap Point originally at the beginning of the file or somewhere later?

Thank you for looking into this.

I’m on Windows 10 Pro. Prior to minimizing, the Snap Point was on the first measure ( in the screen capture) and, of course, the Event Start point was fully left. [In the screen capture, it’s clear I trimmed a little extra leading silence after minimizing.]

For the record, the clip was originally loop-recorded at to Once minimized, the take was then dragged to, at which point I discovered the missing Snap Point. You see, without a Snap Point, Cubase automatically snaps to the Event End, which in my case (having trimmed off all the silence) is rhythmically arbitrary. Without a Snap Point, I’m not aware of a way to drag events in Cubase by even beats or measures, so to work around the problem, I Alt-dragged another event (with Snap Point intact) along with it and then deleted the unwanted duplicates.

Cannot reproduce.


I tried to reproduce it on Windows 10 machine, but I cannot reproduce it too.

Cannot reproduce either, sometimes the start of the wave ir chopped outside the event, this gives the same symptoms.
Just lengthen the event and the marker comes back in the editor

Here’s a brief video demonstrating the problem, since nobody can seem to replicate it:

On the bright side, I discovered that the Snap Point isn’t entirely missing after all, but bumped to the Event End, where it can’t be seen, no matter how you view your event in the Sample Editor - a wee UI design flaw. To recover it, one must slide the Event End point left, retrieve the Snap Point, and then return the Event End to its original position. [I cover this in the video.] Of course, there remains the problem of recovering your Snap Point’s original position, wherever that was. I’m curious to see if anybody can replicate this, now that the steps are detailed in a video. If so, I’ll go ahead and submit a bug report.

Thanks for your time, guys.

OK, now I can reproduce it. You mean Minimise File from Pool.

I would say the issue is you cut the event, and then you delete the part where the Snap Point was originally. But I will investigate more.