Not that I mean I want to eradicate them from Cubase altogether, because much to my amazment I’ve actually heard a few and far between comment that people actually use these things.

However, for those of us that do not use them (which seems to be most of us), it would be marvelous to have a way to shut them off… GLOBALLY. For those of us in post production (mixing, editing, any job that involves moving and duplicating events on a large scale) these things serve NO function but to get in the way and have the potential to create an enormous problem of events out of alignment.

So we are literally forced to make sure that hundreds (sometimes, even thousands) of these little unnecessary work-makers are at the beginning of the event before we begin work on said project.

Now I’ve started a thread over in the GENERAL section of the Cubase 8 forum, where it seems many of my fellow Cubaser’s feel the same way. They serve no function for us, and there is no way to shut them off. I’d like to make an official request to SHUT SNAP POINTS OFF GLOBALLY.

And by comparison, there IS a way to shut off HITPOINTS globally, however, which as I pointed out on the other thread, there is far more use for. :smiley:

So yes. Please help us lowly mixing and mastering engineers remove these little thorns on a global scale so we don’t have to waste so much time doing them one by one, or creating macros.

Many Thanks,


+1, even though, instead of disabling them globally (or in addition to it), I would prefer a way to edit them in the Project window Info Line. Actually, a Snap field do exists in the Info Line, but when you edit it, it moves the Snap Points AND the events. A modifier key for moving just the Snap Points (or even better put them at the 0 position relatively to the events’ start position) would be fine for me.

That’s because the Snap field on the Info Line was designed to work with the placement of Events (or individual notes selected in the Key/Drum editors) specifically. The Snap Point associated with the Event is simply taken along as a consequence. :wink:

But, what you go on to also say, I completely agree with; it would be great to have a modifier key to move them or simply place them at the Event start (and to do so for all selected Events, or all Events on a Track if only the Track is selected). Or, have a global preference to not set them in the first place…!

So, +1 vote for this topic.

Have I missed something here… Can’t you just simply turn off the snap function? I’ve just upgraded to 8.5 from 5 (big jump) and noticed I couldn’t move the snap point all the way to the end. If I’m doing reverse reverbs/cymbols etc, I prefer this. The lil S box stops it, I thought that was strange. What I did find was everything normal seemed to work much better.

As far as I know that refers to something different even though it does sound like the same thing.

Let me exemplify:
You want to move a specific event that has a snap point to a different track. When you try to do so, say by clicking and dragging the event to the desired track, and then “snapping” the event back to the cursor, or the nearest bar, it won’t snap to the event start, it’ll snap to the SNAP POINT start, which could be GOD KNOWS where in the event. So, you have to go in and set the snap point to somewhere where it won’t interfere, in this case, the beginning of the event. THEN do your move.

Now multiply this times how many events you have in your project that you want to move. Which, sometimes in my line of work, can be in the hundreds.

My aim is to disable them all on a global scale, or at the least define them as all automatically at the beginning of said event. Even if the beginning of the event is changed. So now, when you go to move an event elsewhere, it will refer to the visible EVENT BEGINNING as the point of snap. And furthermore, will NOT place them elsewhere OTHER than the beginning in the case of recording.

Hopefully that makes sense.

+1 for an option to disable them globally.