Snap points

I’m a new user migrating from years of using Logic.

When I adjust the snap point in sample editor, it doesn’t automatically adjust the regions position in the project window like logic does with its cue points. Is this normal or is there a setting to make it do this, as it’s rather awkward keep having to move the region to get it to snap to position when making adjustments.



Yes, that’s a nice idea. Indeed it doesn’t do it at the moment, so you have to go back and drag/snap the sample.

I tend to approach snap points in a slightly different way. I move the region (zoomed in) and then set the snap point using ‘snap point to cursor position’. So, I generally turn Snap off, then drag the part to line it up in the project window, audition it, then turn snap back on, line up the cursor on the barline and set ‘snap point to cursor’ (using a shortcut key). This way I get to audition the point.


thanks I’ll give that a go

There are a bunch of commands where you can create macros to move things in one key stroke too that may help you.

There is a command for moving the cursor to the start of the event, do that, then drag your sample in to a track and hit the command to move to cursor.

Sorry, but I don’t know the exact names… only that I know I assigned keys to them them independently then built a macro too for moving parts together. It went something like locate selection end, navigate right, move selection to cursor.

Take a look in your key commands and see if there is something in there that may help you and remember you cn build a process to be executed in a macro.

Hope this helps. If you want, I can check the proper names of the commands I spoke about when I head into work tonight at 6.

In ocasions, Quantize might help to align the snap poit to the grid.
Hope this helps.