Snap Requires Set Position Modifier Key

This just started happening, and I haven’t found a workaround. When in the main track view, snap is not working for the cursor (regular Select tool) unless I use the Set Position modifier (ALT-SHIFT+click). When doing a regular left-click the cursor does not snap.

Snap is on. I used both the J key and clicked the Snap Enable button and verified it is on. Snap is set to Grid and Use Quantize. Quantize is set to 1/1 (bar). Also tried other snap settings, and setting snap to Bar, but it doesn’t work either. The only way snap works is to do ALT-SHIFT+click, which is the Set Position modifier.

I only changed two settings recently. Could these have impacted it? I changed the Set Position modifier to use SHIFT instead of ALT-SHIFT (Alt-Shift is annoying to have to use in the Key Editor in order to bypass snap). However, I changed it back to default (ALT-SHIFT) and the issue still exists. I also set the Bar Offset in the project to 2, so that the first bar is -1 instead of 1. Also tried changing this back to the default setting of 0, and it didn’t fix it.

Can’t think of anything else. Any thoughts, or is this a bug? I’m running 9.5.30. This issue existed on 9.5.21 earlier this week. Just updated to 9.5.30 and it has the same issue.