Snap scissors to hit points from Arranger?

Hi, I would like to know how to work like this with Cubase and haven’t been able to get the snap’ing behavior that would let me work with audio which contains hitpoint’s which scissor tool will snap to from arranger.
I tried every ‘snap type’, eg ‘events’. I also tried with the snap button for zero crossings which didn’t seem to effect that particualar tool.

As shown in the image, the defined hitpoints are shown in Arranger when the audio is selected and working like this lets you not have to actually slice the entire .wav files which is handy especially when you just want to cut a few part, good for long takes. It’s best non-destructive way so far, for me.


Don’t think you can so it via Snap but there is a ‘Locate next hitpoint’ Key Command (in the Transport section), which you can set up and then use Alt-X to snip the event, making sure you’ve selected it and it alone or you’ll snip globally. Works ok, not too much hassle once you’re into the flow.

Snap to hitpoint would be worth putting in the features request forum. I’d vote for it.

Maybe a mod could just move this to FR forum for me? I don’t want to post this twice unless i really have to.

thx for support Crotchety. :slight_smile:

They might not notice it. Better do it yourself, it won’t count as a duplicate. :slight_smile:

they did it! thanks very much @mods