Snap to Event start / end

Hi, in video editing programs you can snap the timeline cursor to the start / end points of the events … is that possible in cubase too ? would really help to align stuff. I played with the snap types, but none of them did snap to the start or end of the events … guess I didn’t find the right combination of settings to achieve it …

any hint’d be great.


L will locate to the selected event start. There isn’t a default keyboard shortcut for locating to the end of an event, but you can set it up yourself in the Key Commands window. Just search “Locate Selection End”. Pretty sure that’s what it’s called.

ok great, that helps, thx for info ilmolto. So that means I need to select the event in question … is there also a way to move the curser with the mouse and it just snaps to any nearest start or end of an event the cursor comes close enough too ? Have you worked with Adobe After Effects or Premiere or so ? They have such a function and it is used really often for aligning the cursor within the timeline …

No, I don’t believe that’s possible.

Does the “B” or “N” key do that (back, next)? Or maybe with a SHIFT- , ALT/OPTION -, CTRL/CMD- attached to it? I know that works for navigating between marker tracks, maybe also for events on a track?