Snap to grid bug? Piano Roll Shows 2.0 Bars, Project shows something 1.8

So I encountered some very weird problem. And it is driving me crazy, I cant work on this project anymore since I dont know how to fix this issue.

So If I edit the notes in the Pianoroll, I have it 2 Bars long for example. BUT in the Project it doenst show 2 Bars, it shows like its cut off or something. And its not synched at all ?

I attached pictures to describe the problem

Need help, appreciated!

I know I am a year late but just in case somebody has a similiar problem:
The ruler of the project is set to “seconds” where the ruler of the editor is set to “bars and meats”. You can spot it by the initial value: time starts with 0, bars and beats start with 1. Also the number formatting is slightly different.