Snap to Grid Scrolling with CMC AI?

Hey folks,

Anyone know if it’s possible to have the CMC AI controller automatically snap to the grid when scrolling (“jog” function) with the AI knob? Seems like something that should absolutely be a function but having a bit of difficulty figuring it out.

Thanks in advance!



Jogging is always jumping over some time frame. Question is, how is the “time frame” set up. As far as I know, you can set this. But I’m not sure, if you can set it that way, it will not jump over time (seconds, or ms), but to jump over Bars/Beats/Ticks… Could be, this depends on the Ruler settings.

In any case, open Devices > Device Setup, select CMC AI, and check, what the settings is there, please.

I have the same problem. Early last year I have therefore asked the Steinberg support for help. There I was told that they could reproduce the strange behavior of the AI Knob. A solution for the problem does not exist. The CMC series was “discontinued” at this moment. The development of the driver also. The development team have now taken on other tasks.

I use the following workaround: create a Mackie Device, release the the CMC-AI Input and Output from the CMC-AI Device and connect it to the created Mackie Device. Then the AI Knob is working properly. Unfortunately, the other functions of the CMC-AI will not longer work… :frowning:

I must say that I am therefore rather disappointed. Steinberg sold a bundle with all 6 CMC controllers here in Germany to discontinue the whole series a bit later without mentioning with one word. And now not even obvious bugs will be corrected. Very disappointing to me!


The CMC AI Knob works in the Mackie Control mode for scrolling only. But not as an AI (Advanced Integration) controller at all, right?

Thats right, yes. In Mackie Control Mode only the knob works (all the other buttons haven’t any funcion then) and only for scrolling. But: the grid is correct then.