Snap to key signature

I am getting a really sore hand and sore fingers trying to get the correct pitch when entering notes in score editor with a mouse. Even with the staff size huge, the notes tend to go flat or sharp. If I release too soon I have to go back, select the note and move it just right. The tolerances are very small.

Is there any way you can add an option to snap note entry (with mouse) to the key signature ?

This feature has been in the Score Editor since its inception. By dragging?

Not at DAW to see the specifics of how it got done (I’ll look later). But some years ago I changed some (now mysterious) settings that lets the up & down arrows work the same in the Score Editor as in the Key Editor. Makes it a whole lot easier to move in half-steps than with a mouse.

(This is where -steve- chimes in to point out this is the default behavior & I’ve imagined everything.)

Also some tasks are much easier to do in the Key rather than Score Editor. Changing note lengths I’m looking at you. I’ll often have both the Key & Score Editors open simultaneously and bop back and forth between them depending which editor is better adapted to the specific current task.

OK, somebody updated the documentation right after I posted! :slight_smile:
Or I am just losing my mind. … _by_c.html?
I am almost sure I read that page in the document and did not see the part about the Preferences.

Steve, thanks for the quick reply.

:laughing: :stuck_out_tongue: to all thread participants! :wink:

I am not losing my mind, I was impatient. The PDF document is laid out a lot different than the HTML doc.

The part about the Preferences is the last bullet point (not first as in HTML version). Also it is on the next page and that is why I didn’t see it. I thought I was at the end of the ‘Dragging’ explanation and did not go to the next page.

Okay, okay. You’re not losing your mind. Sure. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

This is why I like the web based manual- though it is inconvenient at times, one can link directly to a specific tidbit, and that drives me just a little bit less crazy. :smiley: