Snap to Locators? Possible?

Hey All,

I’m working on a MIDI project that is in free time, so it in no way snaps to the grid, which isn’t necessary for this thing anyway.

I’ve chopped it up into sections and now want to create an Arranger Track. This way I can just set the Locators to the section edges.

But for the Arranger Track I really want to have the pen tool snap to the L & R locators, as they are correctly possitioned via the clip edges.

Can’t seem to make it do that in a single motion. Currenly, I’m just snapping cursor to L locator then moving cursor to R locator and dragging
the end of the arranger event until it snaps to R locator.

Is there an easier way to do this?


Hi, I am not really knowing much about the arranger track, but would it be an alternative for you to use cycle markers instead of the arranger sections?

Have you tried these steps?, (you don’t need to set locators), first change snap type from grid to “events”, before using the pen to select then just select you part. Then on the arranger track, you can add arranger events that define specific sections of the project. Here is a complete step by step:
Snap set to activated, and Snap Type is set to Events.

  1. Select Project > Add Track > Arranger so the arranger track is added.
  2. Select the Draw tool (what you called the pen) and then draw an arranger event on the arranger track. drag across your selected region -but dag the pen across the arranger track for that section.
    An arranger event is added. With these settings your selection will “snap” to the part.
  3. then Draw as many events as you need.
    RESULT - The arranger events are added to your project. You can drag arranger events to the arranger chain and reorder these as desired.

When you have the draw pen as the tool you can just right click to instantly change back to selection tool. Then when you want the draw pen again right click-hold and slide across the popup to pick back up the pen.

Thanks, I’ll try that!