"snap to" question

I have been using the snap function with various tools, snapping to the grid using bars and beats , or snapping to events, the magnetic cursor, etc.

I notice that, when manually moving the the cursor or locators, they always snap to the grid (bars or beats as set in the selector pulldown) , even when ‘events’ ( or another target other than ‘grid’) is selected as the ‘snap to’ target.

Is this meant to be the case, or am I missing something. I would like to be able to manually set the cursor or the left locator to the exect end of an event using ‘snap to’.

There is a snap point denoted by “S” in the audio part or region that adjusts the position of audio events relative to the snap point location.

Thanks, I know about the snap point, but that doesn’t really address the question.

Locators will always be independent of events be they audio or midi.

Unless I am missing something, you simply need to use the ‘Snap On/Off’ command to turn off snap. You might need to set the timeline to ‘Samples’ rather than ‘Bars & Beats’ depending on what you’re doing.

Even with Snap set to on, you can use the commands ‘Locate Selection’ and ‘Locate Selection End’ to move the cursor to the region you have selected.

Let me try to put it a different way…

If I move the cursor by clicking in the ruler, or move a locator by dragging in the ruler, with ‘snap on’ the cursor (or locator) will snap to the nearest beat or bar (depending on the current setting). Other snap type selections such as events , or magnetic cursor (for locator moves) are ignored.

Is this expected? For example, I want to be able to drag the left locator (or cursor) and have it snap to the end of an event. As it is now I have to place the left locator at the end of the event by zooming in and manually placing the cursor at the end of the event and then manually aligning the left locator to the cursor position.

I know this is a work around, but there is a range to event shortcut that will move the locators around an event.

Forgot to add, one of the posts suggested setting the timeline to samples. The grid should be sample based at that point and should snap closer to what you are looking for when manually dragging the range.

JMCecil, thanks for the reply. I do know how to wrap the locators around an event, but that puts the left locator at the beginning of the event and the right locator at the end of the event.

What I want to do is snap the left locator to the end of an event. The right locator would go somewhere out beyond that.

Have never used samples on the timeline before. The manual description for Samples on the ruler is … “Samples” (p44)

Setting the ruler to samples and setting the snap to 44100 should let you do this. You can set the resolution much lower and it will still probably be correct if you have a solid zero crossing at the end of the event.

Have never used samples on the timeline before. The manual description for Samples on the ruler is … “Samples” (p44)

Just right click on the ruler and change it. Nothing changes in the project. It’s just another way for the grid to display. When you have positioned the locators switch it back. I believe there is a keycommand to cycle through the grid views. It’s been awhile, but I wanted to swap between timecode and seconds, and I don’t remember coming up with a solution as I don’t have it hotkeyed now and I would still like that capability. Cycling isn’t very useful for that. So, you can either cycle or do it manually from what I remember.

also, have you messed with setting the snap to events instead of grids?

also, have you messed with setting the snap to events instead of grids?

Yes, my observations when snap type was set to ‘event’ is what prompted the question. The cursor and locators don’t snap to events when dragging them along the ruler, they only snap to grid (beats or bars).

lol, we are back to … you need to set the ruler to something other than bars/beats if you don’t want to snap to bars/beats.

I’m with Rod Staples on this one. Blowing up a track and dragging the cursor will never be as accurate. Just click on the track, select and click on ‘find end of selection’ from the transport window.

Eh, but if there is a method to do what you suggest that is easier and just as accurate? Well, sure I would like to learn it.

select the audio in question go to edit /duplicate . select your duplicate go to transport / locate selection,delete your duplicate, drag the right locator wherever you want.

Actually, my initial question was simply “Is it expected that cursor and locators ignore ‘snap-to-events’ when dragging along the ruler with snap turned on?” I gather that the short answer is ‘yes’.

As for a work-around for my example, selecting the event and opting for ‘Locate selection end’ from the transport panel (which I had overlooked) and then hitting ctl-kp1 to move the left locator to the current cursor position seems to be the easiest.

Thanks to all for the advice.

that key command didn`t work for me it just produced a duplicate ,although i did try it in C5 .as regards whatever you are trying to do …what are you trying to do?.. is it for the reason of punching in ,so as not to overlap what you may have already recorded beforehand in which case it is a good idea .