Snap to Zero Crossing is Not Reliable in Cubase 9.5

I’m using the Range Selection tool to drag my mouse across an audio clip. Snap is On, and Snap to Zero Crossing is enabled. With these settings, the selection snaps to the nearest zero crossing sometimes, but often it doesn’t. It seems that my mouse has to be really close to a zero crossing for the range to snap correctly. Is there any way to make it snap even if my mouse is not near a zero crossing, and even if I’m zoomed out?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

(I’m using Cubase 9.5.10 on Windows 8.1 with an Intel Skylake processor.)

You’re probably working with a stereo file. In this case snap to zero crossing may not fall on a zero crossing point for both channels.

Stingray, that’s a good point, but actually, I’m working with mono audio files.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Snap to Zero Crossing and Snap are two different things, so what you are seeing is the cursor snapping to both the grid and the zero crossing points.

There is nothing wrong with this function as far as I can see here.

My Snap Type is set to Events and Cursor. So the Range is not snapping to the Grid. But thanks for the idea.

Actually, I’ve figured out the cause of the problem: I’m in the habit of including the marker track whenever I select a range, so that the markers will keep their position relative to the audio clips when I Cut Time. But including the marker track in the range interferes with Snap to Zero Crossing. If instead I drag my mouse only on the audio clip, without including the marker track, then Snap to Zero Crossing functions correctly.

Thanks for the suggestions.

With snap to zero crossing and the snap function active, whether set to grid, event or cursor, you’re just seeing the results of both functions as you drag the cursor. So it’s working as it should.

This does not work for me in Cubase 10, still unable to make seameless video game loops.