snap vs. grid?

This may be a silly question to some, but is turning snap off the same as turning off the grid?

Yes, it turns off “snapping to the grid” (or to whatever the Snap type has been set to, e.g. cursor, events etc.).
But it doesn’t affect Quantize, which will always work according to its quantize value (so, in that sense, when you turn off Snap, it no longer snaps in function of the quantize value).
Did I make that clearer, or make it more complicated? :stuck_out_tongue:

I always viewed/thought quantize to be a manual thing, not something that automatically took place. i.e. pressing “Q” or clicking the “Q”?

Yes, you do have to press “Q” to quantize the currently-selected data (N.B. this would be, for example, the MIDI notes within a Part, not the actual position of the Part itself). I was not suggesting that it is “automatic”, only that it still works even if “Snap” is switched off :wink:.
“Snap”, on the other hand, comes into play when you Move/Copy/re-size a Part or Event by dragging.

Okay. Thank you for the quick reply.