Snapping existing slurs/hairpins?

Just starting out in this new world (From the old world of Sibelius for many years.) When I’ve input a slur onto too many or few notes accidentally, is there a simple quick way to move the start or end to the next or previous note? I see in another post that you can drag in Engrave mode, but is there an easier way? Thank you!

I’m afraid not yet. The idea is that you should be able to select the slur and use Shift+Alt+left/right arrow to snap the right-hand end, and use Alt+left/right arrow to snap the left-hand end, but I’m afraid this isn’t yet working for slurs. We’re hoping to get to this soon.

And I’m guessing you mean it’s not working for anything else (like hairpins) either?

It does work for hairpins, actually, and possibly also for octave lines, but not for much else, unfortunately.

Hey Daniel,
Thanks for that tip! Doesn’t work exactly as you said though, maybe I’m reading PC shortcuts as Mac. What I’m getting is:
Opt+Shift arrow keys moves the right-hand end of a hairpin.
Opt+arrow keys moves the hairpin by a full measure, along with its starting dynamic.

I can’t seem to find one that moves the left-hand end of the hairpin, though. Thanks!

I have entered a bar and added dynamics; then copied the bar to paste into another voice and alter the pitch of the notes in bar. Simple and quick. When in Engrave mode, I wanted to tweak the position of the hairpin and it automatically changed the vertical position in the other bar (to which I had copy/pasted) as well.
Is this an anomaly?

I do like the tip on snapping the hairpin for the length of the entire bar by simply clicking on the bar before selecting the popover dynamic SHFT-D
Hairpin select.png
hairpin copy.png