snapping left and right locators when keying them in.

Is there a way to make the locators to snap if you only type in bar numbers. I find that if my left or right locators is at say… and I type in ‘L’ and 4, I generally want the locator to switch to bar 4…However I find that locator, instead goes to 4.4.3…even if I type “4.0” it will go to 4.0.3



Do you double- or single-click to the field? If I’m right, if you double-click, you can type the whole “code”. Then 4 should be (Bars & Beats).

I push the ‘l’ or ‘r’ keys to get to the ‘set left’ and ‘set right’ locator command. It would be nice if that key command acted like double clicking the locator position.