I have added calls to smtg_add_vst3_snapshot and I can see that the files get properly bundled in the .vst3 directory on macOS. How can I verify that the feature actually work? I tried the VST3PluginTestHost app but it doesn’t look like it shows the snapshot. Which DAW(s) support this feature?

The new included VST3Inspector example will show the snapshot and the validator also checks this.

I can confirm that it is working with the validator:

* Checking snapshots...

Found snapshots for 'Kooza'
 - /mnt/vault/tmp/acme-Kooza-plugin/build/VST3/Release/acme_Kooza.vst3/Contents/Resources/Snapshots/153DEB9C4E5B4FEE8DB1934BEF396AAF_snapshot.png [1x]
 - /mnt/vault/tmp/acme-Kooza-plugin/build/VST3/Release/acme_Kooza.vst3/Contents/Resources/Snapshots/153DEB9C4E5B4FEE8DB1934BEF396AAF_snapshot_2.0x.png [2x]

I know that there is a cmake call (smtg_add_vst3_snapshot) to do the right thing, but in the end, is the convention to simply have a file (or 2 for 2x) under Resources/Snapshots with a name <processor UUID>_snapshot.png (and <processor UUID>_snapshot_2x.png)?


Here’s the documentation for it: Snapshots - VST - Steinberg Developer Help

And just for completeness: Cubase also uses the snapshots in its latest versions.

Thanks. That is exactly what I was looking for.