Snare brush swirls

I installed the Simon Phillips Jazz Drums expansion and opened up the Waltz Brush kit. I am dying to use a brush swirl sounds but cannot find it. On the #2 pad set I see a few pads that make a swirling brush sound when I click on them. But when I click on the keys in the drum map, they make a combination kick and snare brush sound. I cannot access only the brush swirl sound. The pads say “pattern” on them even though I am on the instrument tab, not the pattern tab. I am not sure if that is a clue to what is going on. Furthermore, when I try to find the swirl sound in the media bay, I cannot fund it.

How can I get and use that swirl sound?

I’m using Cubase 10.5 and Grove Agent SE 5.

I had a similar problem. Try clicking on “Turn off all Pattern Players” in the tool bar in GA. It’s the icon with two quarter notes, just to the left of Undo/Redo and the steinberg icon.

Zootsuiter, thanks. That worked in being able to play just the brush sound from the drum map. I still can’t find the sound itself in the instrument list. I suspect it might actually be a bunch of soft single hits strung super close together somehow.

Simon Phillips Hihat CC 4
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Post Thu Sep 10, 2020 10:32 am

I’ve been trying to do the same with SP jazz Drums Library
by default, HiHat open-close is controlled by CC1 Modulation wheel . The manual says , it’s possible to reassign it to CC4 to control that function.
I was wondering if I could control it with my Expression Pedal CC11 . So I can use both hands to play drums on my keyboard and hihat open-close function with the Expression Pedal. I haven’t been able to figure that out.
Do you guys have any Idea?
Any help is appreciated.