Snare drum rolls in Dorico 4

This not a new topic. but I still don’t know how to make a snare drum roll that plays back like a snare drum and not like a machine gun. The instructions I see courrently seem to apply to dorico 3.5 but not dorico 4.

Please help.


And what instructions are those?

Since you know where the 3.5 instructions are, perhaps you could link them here.

I don’t know how to link instructions. Search for “snare drum rolls” and you will come up with various posts, but none of this applies to Dorico 4.

Actually I can understand Derrek’s question, since I don’t think there’s anything new on this precise field… Whatever you do in 3.5 should apply here, as far as drum rolls are concerned.

Use an unmeasured tremolo. There are settings for Tremolos in Playback Options.

The result may depend on your sample library, of course.

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There is something called a buzz roll. It’s in the Percussion Map. How can I use the Map to use the buzz roll with the Z slash?

OK, I pieced together enough information here and there to get an actual snare drum roll. You have to go to the Percussion Map under Library and edit the YamahaXG map. After the Drum Kit Note Map opens, you have to go to Show All and open Midi Note 29 add a name (I used roll), the instrument Snare Drum, and the Technique roll. Make sure the lock near the top of the screen is open and you click all the OKs. Then in Setup Mode click on the Snare Drum < and then on little dots to the right to open`a menu that contains Edit Percussion Playing Techniques. Then click on the + sign to allow you to click on the Z on Stem, then Roll in the Playback Techniques window and then Add and then OK. Finally, I get a not great but actual snare drum roll… For those working on future Dorico 4 updates. It would be great if this would all happen by default without all this hassle. And while you’re at it., get a better sample for the snare drum roll that does not start with an accent and allows for dynamic changes.