Snare drum snares on technique not working

I’m using Dorico 3.1 and I put a snare drum in my score, and originally it was working fine (once I got the percussion map set up correctly), but then I put a “snares off” technique at the beginning, which caused everything to be played with the snares-off sound, and I’m trying to put a “snares on” technique at a later section to switch it back to the snares-on sound, but the “snares on” technique doesn’t seem to do anything - everything still plays with the snares-off sound. In fact, when I go to play mode the playing techniques lane has a “snares off” technique at the measure where I put the “snares on” in the score. I’m using the HSO Snare Combi KS instrument and the corresponding percussion map.

these two images are the same measure:
snares-off snares-on

Check that both techniques are in the same mutual exclusion group…

Just fixed it - not sure if there’s an easier way to do this but I just edited the “snares on” playing technique so that it triggers the “natural” technique - seems like the percussion map wasn’t recognizing “snares on” as a playing technique for whatever reason

In the Edit percussion settings window, you can choose whether a particular version of a notehead-triggered sound adds or replaces another version… I’ve found it could be a source of problems in my perc map and found that if I always use « replace » with a proper description of the playing techniques involved, it would work properly — AFAIK there’s no mutual exclusion groups in percussion maps. So snares on and snares off should be set as « replace » in order to avoid a confusing situation where snares off playback technique is added to snares on (or the opposite). I’m not quite sure I really know what it’s all about, but I’ll eventually find out! (or someone who knows will chime in)