Snare drums problems

Snare 1 and 2 are oneline staffs. Each look fine, but when I make a layout with both of them, I get this (plus some more similar lines):

What to do ? :thinking:

I found out, that Dorico decided to put a lot of other percussion instruments in the snare 2 part.
But why ? - they are not in the score…

It is possible that you removed a load of instruments from your Drum Set, but didn’t actually delete them from the player?

No. I never put them in. I just changed the snare 2 part from a 5 line to a 1 line staff.

What’s the provenance of the project? Did you import MusicXML or MIDI? Has someone else previously worked on the project?

Midi import fra Cubase. Only worked on by me…
How do i delete all those instruments without deleting snare 2 ?

See the three dots at the right end of each instrument? Click it - you should find that Delete Instrument is in the menu that shows up.

My suspicion is that Cubase has exported a full drum kit rather than a single snare line.

Yes - but I have to click on a different player every time, - if I don’t do that all the instruments are selected. This is going to take a looong time.

I don’t think so. The parts were made induvidually by me.
My problem here is that I want to copy new midi snares 1+2 + some other things from Cubase (changed something in Cubase…). They are imported in a new flow, and I can’t find a smart way to copy them over into the first flow :thinking:

From your screenshots I can’t even tell which of the many instruments held by that player is actually in use. It might be the Drum Set at the top, or it might be either of the two snare drums (or for that matter a Wood Block or Cowbell) also held by the player.

If you know which instrument is in use and you’ve not done considerable part formatting, by all means create a new empty-handed player and drag the one relevant instrument from the original Snare 2 player to your new player. Then delete the redundant Snare 2 player.

Only snare 2 is in use so the player can be deleted .
Is there a way to delete the player in flow 1 only and not flow 2 ?

You could unassign the player from Flow 1. Is that what you mean?

I don’t know…
I want to delete the notes in flow 1 and copy the notes from flow 2 into flow 1…

Find the notes in Flow 2.
Select them.
Copy them.
Go to whichever staff in Flow 1.

If that doesn’t work, please upload the project - this is almost definitely a very quick problem to fix, but neither your screenshots nor your text sufficiently explain the problem in order for a concrete solution to be forthcoming.

I did another thing - imported the midi file into flow one and re-used players.
Seems to work except that I have to check if there are some notes that should be deleted.
Thank’s for helping Leo - again :slight_smile: