Snare not sounding

I have another problem not in that the snare drum in the kit I am using. It sounds when I write the music in and also press(highlight) the note with the mouse but when I press play all the other sounds play except the snare. Has anyone any clues to why this might be? The vst is the MT-PowerDrumKit. The cymbals and toms and bassdrum are all playing it’s just the snare that won’t play back.

In General MIDI there are two snare drums assigned to notes 38 and 40. It’s possible that this plugin doesn’t have a sound mapped to one of those pitches. You can edit this in Play > Percussion Maps.

Iv’e already checked this and the snare is assigned. Didn’t work until I made a new percussion map for this VST and got rid of all the unnecessary lines. Thanks for the reply as it made me work on it and I have now solved it. Thanks again