Snare Roll on Cubase

Hey guys was just wondering if anyone can tell me how to change all the velocity’s of the hits at once in ascending order in the piano roll velocity as you can do with Fl studio and not selecting each individual hit & having the same velocity change. Thanks in advance

If you just want to ramp up velocity you can use the line tool in the controller lane.

If that’s not what you mean can you describe it in more detail.

CuBase’s velocity handling is one of the strongest parts of the problem, imho. Just select the notes you want to create the crescendo for (even if it’s just a few 32nd notes), then go to the Velocity lane, under the midi notes, and put the pointer in the upper right hand corner and it will change shape, from there, you may scale the velocities up in a ramp.

This is just one way of doing this and there are others – If you have some version of Groove Agent, youmight like using the available rudiments that some kits offer.

The Operations manual is pretty clear about how to do this. Good luck. :slight_smile:

Got a drum in my studio for me it would be simple … just to play a snare roll. But I understand I do that too once in a while (programming drum roll) We got time to lose right? LOL