Snare wire off sound for drum set

Is there any way to set up snare off sound, I tried creating a playback technique but it didn’t work for some reason, it just plays normal snare drum

Simple answer : it depends on which library you’re using. Extended answer : if you use a library that has both snares on and off, take a look at the percussion map to see how you trigger snares off.

sorry, I’m new to dorico,
so I found percussion maps under ‘library’ menu,
now how do I listen to the sounds that are there? I am using Yamah XG and it doesn’t have a so called “snare open” assigned already but under “Edit Drum Kit Note” under “Technique” there is a “Snare on” option. So should I create a new percussion map or how should I add it to the existing map? Please do guide me through this. Also I do not have a MIDI keyboard, just using mouse and keyboard for entering notes

You open your VSTi and when you play the MIDI note that is numbered on the first column, you get the sound described by the third column, Name, played by the instrument described by fourth column, Instrument.
I checked out the Yamaha XG perc map, and I cannot see any snare instrument playing with snares off. Sorry. You’ll either need another VSTi for that, or you’ll need to create the proper line in the perc map in order for Dorico to pilot the VSTi properly, if that sound is there but not described by the default perc map.
[Edit] I’ve been checking out the Drum set from HALion, and indeed, I couldn’t find a snares off snare

I didn’t find any snares off sound in Groove Agent either

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If want only snares off sound, you can replace in the percusion kit editor the snare for a high tom.

ok thanks a lot