Sneaky dynamic position bug

Hi Dorico team,

I have encountered a weird bug where, to summarize, the positions of certain dynamic instructions within a certain layout gets shifted irreversibly after adjusting any properties of any dynamic instruction and stay that way until the layout is reopened. What makes this even curiouser is that the bug goes away after deleting the divisi passage earlier in the project or deleting bars between the divisi passage and the affected dynamic instruction so that there is less than two system breaks between them (I discovered this when making a reduced copy of the project to post here).

Here is the reduced version of the project:
2021-05-09 Dynamics position.dorico (1017.4 KB)

To reproduce this bug in the attached project, do the following:

  1. Make sure that you are in the Violin layout.
  2. Keep an eye on the dynamic instructions in bar 5 while doing the remaining steps. It should look like this:
    Screenshot 2021-05-10 011242 Dynamics position 1
  3. Select any dynamic instruction in the layout (it does not need to be in bar 5).
  4. Make an edit to any property of the selected dynamic instruction (even Suppress playback works). Regardless of what you did, the positions of the dynamic instructions in bar 5 should now have changed.
  5. Undo the edit you just did. Bar 5 should now look like this (as opposed to reverting back to the appearance of step 2 as one would expect):
    Screenshot 2021-05-10 011351 Dynamics position 2
  6. Switch to the Full score layout and back to the Violin layout again. Bar 5 should now have switched back to looking like it did in step 2.

I hope this is useful!

All the best!

Edit: I’d also like to add that this bug is only present in the part layouts but not in the full score layout.