Sneaky quartertone respelling bug

Hello Dorico team!

When having multiple quartertones of the same pitch in the same bar (factory 24-EDO tonality system), respelling the first one by clicking another accidental in the Tonality System panel appears to change the consecutive notes of that pitch to the same spelling. However, closing or switching away from the layout where the respelling was made and then opening or switching back to that layout reveals that only the explicitly respelled note was affected, indicated with a newly appeared accidental of the old kind in front of the next consecutive note of the same pitch in that bar.

As a result, I really need to watch out so that I select all the notes of that pitch in the bar before clicking the desired accidental in the Tonality System panel.

I hope that this was helpful and that this would be fixed in a future update. :slight_smile:

All the best!

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Thanks for reporting this. I can confirm that I see the same behaviour, and I’ve made a note of it as something for us to look into in a future version.