Snow Leopard - Will upgrading from 4-6 improve stability?

Hi all.
I recently upgraded my Mac to Snow leopard and it would be fair to say Cubase 4 pretty much lost the plot at that point. Very unstable with lots of crashes, asio overloading with not a lot running, also using much more ram. I know there is something to do with Rosetta but i’m no tech head I just wanna produce music.
I have £150 spare with which I want to get things sorted, my gut instinct says buy the upgrade to 6 but then i’m not sure if insteadI should be upgrading the 4gb ram. The fact that it was running perfect in Leopard makes me think its software and I could probably grab another 2gb of ram with the Cubase upgrade.

Spec of machine is Quad 3ghz, 4gb ram, 4x500gb hds, Focusrite saffire 6 running Cubase, Komplete 7, Omnisphere, Sylenth, Couple of Ohmicide bits, Few waves bits and a couple of random bits.

Guess I just wanted someone to confirm that my money would be well spent on the upgrade and that theres a good chance it will sort out the issues i’m having. Maybe someone could confirm they had or had heard of similar issues. I have asked a retailer and unfortunately he didnt have a clue.

Look forward to a response. :slight_smile:

Cubase 4 come out on 2006
Snow Leopard come out August 2009…

Cubase 6 is stable on 10.6 and is the 1st 64 version of Cubase on mac…

Thanks for posting back, its beans and rice for the rest of the month. :slight_smile:

Ive just ordered an upgrade and managed to haggle a spare dongle for £5 which is good as my current has seen better days.

Was hard finding a copy tbh, most places are sold out :astonished: