Snow Princess

Although I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t love my Snow Princess, ( :laughing: ) now is the time to be harsh before I put it up on itunes with a few other songs.

This is actually a redo/add-on to a song I made just about two years ago… I love the tune really. I guess you could call this electronic? There are some orchestral elements of course. Yeah just if anything stands out as weird or wrong I would appreciate it if you shared! And thanks for listening - it really means a lot!

(Oh I should probably add - every instrument/VST and effect is within Cubase Artist 7. Retrologue for some of the BG synths, Groove Agent for the drums and HALion for everything else.)

A beautiful uplifting track Ethan…mix sounded excellent on my monitors up loud…but,…a well used chord progression such as this needs a tune over the top of it to really make it special…otherwise it’s it’s just a nice chord progression although you have managed to get get some :slight_smile: lovely sounds !! :slight_smile: definately nothing standing out as weird :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t point out anything that stands out as weird or wrong. But I would echo all of Kevin’s comments (why do I always do that, Kevin?). It has a nice sound as a riff, but there’s no melody, and no contrasting section, so it doesn’t stand on its own as a piece of music… yet. But it could definitely back something, like a game or a video, and if that’s what you’re after, success!

Hi Ethan
I like the track a lot! Arrangment, dynamic and everything else is ok. Only the drum section needs improvement: it is a bit boring, and the snare has to be more dominant.
As mentioned above, great vocs would turn the track into a song.


If you feel that the mix is ready to be sold for a price then you still definitely want to get professional mastering if you’re going to try and sell it on iTunes etc or else it just won’t stand up against other tracks competing for audiences attention and wallet. Nothing stands out as ‘weird’ but nothing really stands out at all. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an alright production, but competing for an audiences attention and wallet by selling tracks is another ballpark to uploading free mixes on SoundCloud etc. ;p Anyway, good luck and I hope things are going well.

Yeah… I have actually decided to just hang on to that one for now, basically for the reasons you mentioned. And its not even the mix either - this type of song would be better as more of a nice “filler” for an album setting. You been working on anything recently? Your SC is… checks wait a sec what happened???

There’s nothing wrong with releasing stuff yourself, it’s just a competitive place and your tracks must stand up next to other tracks in the genre. I’m just someone that thinks practice, practice, practice would yield better results than self-exposure, but either way works for different people. Can’t go wrong with practice though, so just keep on learning and creating. :smiley:

Yeah, SC is gone, don’t really need it myself. I am planning to have a Youtube channel for ‘classic’ fantasy tracks, as in more like LotR, WoW, stuff without modern rock kits and/or pulsing synths. Already a gazillion channels for that stuff. But not quite yet. :wink:

Most of my time is going into writing tracks for a trailer company these days, though I’m redoing some of my older tracks with my improved mix setup and knowledge. But I am trying to learn more harmony-rich piano pieces since that has helped my composing a lot. And what stuff are you working on? (Since I was a little late to this thread/post. :stuck_out_tongue: )

One of the catchier songs I’ve heard from you man, your melody construction skills are really shaping up. Production strong as usual!

Hi Ethan,

Sounds good to me, although the snare could have a bit more body.
I agree with the others that it lacks a melody.


What they said, but commendable also for a good positive vibe. The world needs that lately. :sunglasses:

It’s a nice track, and if I didn’t know it was yours I would have guessed it anyway. That’s a good thing in my book, I still fondly listen to heartstrings every now and then :wink:

The others have said it, but I too find the drummachine-style drums not great for the track, the snare and especially the toms I would consider replacing with different samples. It’s a nice song though, you’ve got a great feel for layers. You manage to stack many different melodic elements without overcrowding the song.