Snow White and the Huntsman Cinematic Trailer Score

Hello Again Steinberg Fam

I just posted a new vid to my Youtube account. I used Cubase to compose a cinematic trailer score for Snow White and the Huntsman.

Sample Libraries used: LA Scoring Strings, Vienna Dimension Brass (WOW!), Vienna Instruments Special Edition, EWQL Storm Drum and Storm Drum 2, Project SAM True Strike

Thanks for listening.

Impressive! Sounds good even on my built-in laptop speakers. The movie looks pretty cool too. I can’t even begin to imagine how much work must go into a project like this.

Nice, did you also do the sound effects that matched the trailer?

Hey Strophoid

I sure did. A friend of mine suggested that I add sound effects get people pulled into the experience more. Hard as I have tried I could not lift the effects form the original trailers do I had to go with sites like Soundrangers to download effects that kinda fit and plug them in.