So, after a while, what´s the general opinion?

Hi, I am still on the fence about buying some of the CMC.

Mainly, TP, AI and QC. Not talking about the fader or the pads.
Does anybody has any experience with this modules?
What´s your general opinion?


Can you purchase from a retailer with a 30 day return policy? This is the safest thing to do to try them out.

It´s not possible, I live in Argentina, if I decided to buy them, I would need to import them…

So I am looking for everybody´s opinions. Reading in this and other forums, it seems they don´t perform very well (Ai knob problems, etc).


I own a CC121 and a CMC-PD. I saw a demo of all the CMCs and had an opportunity to play with them all. They are cool and I like the concept, but I like the build of the CC121 a lot better–metal. Also, I’ve found that I can do almost ALL the various CMCs do with the CC121.

For me, the CC121 would be the way to go, but don’t expect any updates on it. It’s more expensive but has a lot of the functionality of the separate units. But I don’t need more than one fader at a time. Download the manual and see if it will cover all the bases you are looking for. For example, with the push of a button (well, 2 buttons at the same time) on the CC121, you can control the Sends and the Quick Controls on the channel. Press the buttons again and you’re back to your EQ. VERY handy.

I own a TP that works very well, I’m quite satisfied (apart from the “spiking” nuisance, see the related thread), but maybe that’s because it’s the simplest/basic of the lot, and the other models may differ … Anyway, I recommend it.



Keep it coming, what about TP, QC and AI?
Should I buy a cc121 to replace al three of them?

The 121 can definitely cover all of those bases. Why don’t you start with one and see if you need to expand with other CMC units (you could get the frame and two other ones).

Thanks Sunshy, I am looking at the cc121 too now…

Anybody else, opinion, experience with the CMC series??

no one else has more experience? would like more thoughts on these little units before comitting and importing them!!!


I got 3 FD`s and 1 TP.

I like them alot. Love the concept and i hope Steinberg goes all the way Steve Jobs-like on them.

Its different…like hardwaredials on a mobilephone is different in feel compared to touchscreen.
It takes some getting used to and not everyone will feel its the be all end all…
but i just like this solution.

I hope this is the 1.0 series and that Steinberg continues to develop them with the requests that
are for now like lights (when they are not active for dark studioenviroments)

And i have a few suggestions of my own on different threads on this forum.

I am going to buy the whole set of them…and i would buy even more FD`s…but then
support must be given to use more than 8 units at a time.

These are cheap so if you are into testing new stuff just go for it and support the development
of even more new stuff.

Hi Sunshy - is that because the CMC series is meant to replace it? Has Steinberg said “no more updates …”?

Thanks -

They did just release a new driver for the CC121, but it has no bugfixes or features at all, just a fix to the installer itself :frowning:

Hi Strophoid, nice to see you here!

So, I guess not too much reading between the lines is required … if they planned long-term support, there would have been more in that release … ?

Dunno, I hope the contrary but it doesnt look promising.

I have the PD ( for key switching strings ) and the TP - because I got rid of x-keys and frontier transport ( frontier fell behind no longer seems to work well in 64 bit land & its been years since driver updates ) and xkeys were another interface layer, not always responsive. …at first PD TP buttons seemed a little flimsy but after a few weeks, I really like both of them, they work great, no crashing, no issues, solid performance, much more stable than having two other third party controls to do this …now I will add IPAD 3 and TOuch OS for mixing and the future is now :sunglasses:

I have the AI, CH, TP, QC and two FDs now. everything has gone smoothly so far. being able to incrementally add functionality, and to be able to add fader packs, was well thought out and very useful. I had them all clipped together for a while, but since my desk gets rearranged frequently, I really appreciate the modular approach.
These controllers have helped my workflow enormously.

I have the CMC CH. I have used it for two days so I may not be the best of experts but I pretty much got a handle on it.
Although its nice I think you need other moduals to really do it right. I wanted to start with the Channel mod first cause i feel it does the basics. Haveing this many separate mods wasn’t the best idea unless they thought they were making more money this way. If you buy one I don’t think it makes things easier. Keeping your hand on the mouse and not switching back and forth is easier. So do I get more or sell this one…hmmmm

From firstly been very negative and not getting anywhere in selecting a real good HW controller nor getting any answers on my questions from Steinberg, also trying out the competition of other controllers, two weeks ago i plunged straight into the pit by buying 4x FD’s one of each CH, TP,AI and QC…

I found out that the units i started using the most were the AI and TP and they are gaining each time i work in Cubase now instead of subconciously grasping for the mouse and keyboard which is very nice… feels like going back to the days when working with totally analogue gear and mixingconsoles, even so, there’s more needed to get there in full.

Never been really fond of manuals, but when trying to figure out things that aren’t that straightforward and the manual doesn’t say jack it’s a real “beep-word”, but last week i think i found out a pretty nice function of the FD’s i firstly couldn’t understand why it hadn’t been implemented in the first place: selecting channels by touching the faderstrip… instead of using the CH and step up and down, this changed the whole scene for me… even though it’s very finnicky and rough and not really useful in it’s current state, if not using the SHIFT button in conjunction that is, it’s a very fast way of getting around a larger project…instead of guessing which track i’m on, just do the above and having all the modules focus on that channel… marvellous
also In conjunction with using the Novation ReMOTE and Automap having that unit slave to the CMC’s and follow which ever plug-ins are opened ( VTS FX, VSTi’s )makes it extremely fast to work with and i’m kind of happy with what i’m now experiencing with the CMC’s.

But getting better and tweaked features of these units could make the experience so much better. Natively beeing able to select plu-ins on inserts, in the VST-rack e.t.c

So my general opinion is: Buying one or two units only there’s a good chance you will be dissapointed… there’s only so much assignable function-buttons on some units that you may have to compromise in some extent, getting a HW controller is about not having to compromise… Mouse and Keyboard is a never ending compromise.

My take from my limited use of them:

I have five of them: CH, QC, PD, TP, and AI
I’ll list all the CMCs in order from what I think I’ll use the most often, to the least (and not bought).

  1. CMC AI - With all of my virtual instruments being Steinberg, I’ll love the control versatility this gives me
  2. CMC CH and QC - Channel functions at my fingertips, as well as the quick controls
  3. CMC TP - Transport control, enough said. However, I have a transport control on my Yamaha KX61 as well. More of use as a “remote” transport control if I have to enter a sectioned off area for Vocal recording.
  4. CMC PD - Useful both as MIDI input and as 16 quick functions (save, open, etc)
  5. CMC FD - Don’t own one, probably never will. I can’t justify purchasing one of these due to the high cost per channel of control. I have 2 Behringer BCF2000.
    Pro: I can program the BCF2000s however I like.
    Con: I HAVE to program them.
    The BCF2000 is also costs half (per channel) as the CMC FD.

My two cents on the matter.

Also, having FIVE extra copies of Cubase AI 6 may come in handy some day. :smiley:

Really liking my CMCs.

Use the TP the most. Especially since I do a lot of my own recording so being able to have a small easy to move transport control is handy.

I’ve mapped the function buttons on the AI to 4 of my most used tasks. So I use them a lot. The knob less. I think I just need to get used to it.

The channel I use a bit. I think I’d prefer a real fader. I tend to use the solo, record, mute, e, and keyboard buttons but I find myself using the up/down arrow on my keyboard for more accurate fader control.

For the price these are great little tools.