So at this point this is not possible?

I would like to be able to do this in several of my pieces, i.e. the first bar in this Skriabine example is in 5/4, but only shows the upbeat without the previous bar rests. Possible/ not possible?

And a minor annoyance: if you have a tie chain of notes and want to edit a spot on that stave, i.e. add a second voice, you can’t unless you undo the tie chain. Of course the work around is easy, just don’t put in the ties until everything is entered (including dynamics in the middle of the tie. Still…

Click shift+M to get the time sig popover and type in 5/4,1. You’ll get the 5/4 sig with a quarter note upbeat.

Absolutely possible. When starting the project (or even later on) type shift+M one the 1st quarter rest and type 5/4,1 in the popover. The number following the comma represents a unit of the meter’s denominator, so an 8th note pickup would be 5/4,0.5

Thanks to both of you for the info. It sort of worked (see ex.). Maybe this has to be done when setting up the project. It worked but added a half bar which can be deleted with trim flow but everything is shifted over by a quarter note beat.
Untitled Project (199 KB)

I fixed it for you. Selecting the first bar, typing shift+B, and entering -1 into the popover, you can remove that extra bar. This means “remove 1 bar” (typing +24 means “add 24 bars”). I also notice that you didn’t put your dynamic into a chain. Selecting the first note and the note right BEFORE the destination note, and typing p<mf into the dynamics popover (shift+d) will give you better results.
Untitled Project (200 KB)

You do not need to break a tie to enter a second voice. Just use the arrow key(s) to position the caret where you want the second voice to begin.

Thanks again for the help. Getting the first bar right took a little fiddling around with but now that I know how to do that and place dynamics in a tie chain several more Dorico techniques learned.