So be it - Desert

ambient, experimenting with layers and shifting sounds. Tweaking on the mix still.

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So it be a very nice ambient. The sound layers are very fluid and well arranged. It all sounds really good. I really like. Inspiring!

I like the layers and shifting sounds. Sounds ambient to me. Very soothing. The mix sounds like it is alive.

Very nicely hypnotic, felt at times like being in water. A brain cleanser!


This is nicely recorded, and the sounds you’ve used all blend well. I’m not very sure how ambient music is evaluated, because I guess it’s supposed to be part of a background somehow. This should definitely work well like that, if I’m correct.

Hi John,
thanks for listening

i agree on that , it is an interesting niche in music and indeed functional in cinematic/theatrical or other areas where soundscapes al functional. And it is great fun to produce. :wink: