So close and yet so far

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is my first post. I’ve completed most of my setup of my UR22 Interface, and have installed Cubase Elements 7, set up my VST connections and have successfully loaded up a song and listened to it. I can also hear my voice in my headphones when I click the Monitor button next to record. When I record and speak into the mic the bar shows up with it’s ups and downs and it looks as if it is recording my voice, but when I attempt to play back, I can’t hear anything.

I’ve looked around online and tried searching how each button works and read the manual’s straightforward instructions on how to record (ie. click record, make noise, click stop) but after fiddling with this for an hour or so I would really appreciate some human assistance.

Any tips would be hugely appreciated!



Hi and welcome,

Make sure, the Monitor button is switched Off, when you playback the signal, and you want to hear, what is recorded. Also make sure, the Mix knob on your UR22 is turned clockwise to DAW.