So close!

I’m a solo musician and my live setup for the last 20 years is a Miditemp MSX, a Motif-Rack ES, a Digitech Vocalist Live Pro as a complete voice channel with harmonies and a Digitech GSP1101 for the guitars. Everything is controlled with a Yamaha MFC10 foot controller, on the floor with a TC-Helicon looper (Ditto X4). All sounds are mixed on a MOTU 828es.

VST Live could be the core of my future setup, but three things are missing :

  • MIDI control of the VST effects set in a stack by both tracks and MIDI input in layers.
  • Management of more than one range for playback looping.
  • Call songs and parts with banked Program Changes.

Of course, I stay tuned because this tool is so gorgeous !

Thanks you so much.


MIDI Input for Stacks with upcoming update (very soon)

In the making.

Don’t quite understand that. I guess you want to index Parts and Songs? You can do that, Devices/Actions and Shortcuts. The “Select Song” and “Select Part” can be set programatically, data 2 serves as an index in this case (index 0 → Song 1, index 1 → Song 2 etc).

Can’t wait for the next update ! I guess this is gonna be a really great software but I can’t manage to call songs or parts using Midi messages. For songs changes, I set the parameters as follow :

Name : Select Song
UI : Dial
Shortcut : (empty)
MIDI In : (my Midi interface)
MIDI Status : Pgm Change
Chan From : 1
Chan To : 16 (all channels to increase the chances it will work)
Data1 From : 0 (I suppose this is the lower PC number)
Data1 To : 127 (the highest PC number ?)
Data2 From : 0 (Index of the song 1 ?)
Data2 To : 127 (Index of the last song ?)

I created a few songs containing ony the default layer but nothing happens when I send the PC. I probably misunderstood something… The MIDI monitor window confirms the MIDI events are correct.

will check!

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so I could finally check this…well, half way.


Midi PGM CHG (0xc0, or 192) or is the only MIDI status (except Aftertouch, which is probably not of concern here) with only 1 byte to follow (that would be data 1), so it should not matter as there is no data 2.
However: a) can’t find a way currently to send a program change, will have to setup test procedure and b) it is possible that data2 confuses the program, will put in an extra check for that, and try to test it with pgm chg. In fact, it will then set data 2 to data 1 and that should do the trick.
Did test it with cc though, that works.
So pls. try again with the upcoming version (very soon) and thanks for reporting!

I did test with bank select to select a Song, and program change to select a Part shortly thereafter, and it works now. It doesn’t quite work with the current version, so as said, pls try again with the next one.