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hey all,

just got a yamaha mx88 and I’ve hooked it up to cubase 10 using mac mojave. I muddled through getting 5 tracks on there and now when I try to export as a WAV it’s a silent file. I can’t figure out how to get the output volume up. Please go easy with the technicality of any responses… my understanding of what I’ve even done so far is tenuous at best… thanks so much for any help you can give



What kind of track do you use? Audio/Instrument/MIDI? If these are MIDI tracks, where is the output routed to? To MX88? If yes, you have to record the audio signal from MX88 back to Cubase as an Audio track first.

Yes- they are midi tracks. Ah. Ok- so I omitted an entire step. Not sure how I’ll do what you mentioned but another thing I’ll try to figure out tonight! This is a steep curve…


Would you mind giving a quick explanation of how to do that? Thanks!


Nice description is available here. Look at the MIDI/Audio Signal Flow at page 18 and then the Recording your performance on the instrument to DAW software as audio data at page 27.

Great- thank you

Ok, I created a simple 2 midi track project and made an audio track following instructions in reference manual… created audio track, set input and output to stereo . However when I then hit record (just like I did for the MIDI tracks) it’s just recording ambient room noise from computer mic.

I attached a pic… and also the volumes of each midi track are default set to zero… am I supposed to increase that? It plays back fine.

I feel totally clueless…

Now if the track is recording ambient noise from the computer mic, you have the wrong input device ports connected to the Cubase input bus. You ´ll probably have to connect the USB playback ports from your keyboard.

UUGH I thought they were. I thought input and output were both set to Yamaha. But honestly I’m all over the place with this cubase… overwhelmingly complicated for someone who just wants to layer up some midi tracks.


You must not Mute the MIDI tracks while recording the Audio. Then you don’t send the MIDI data to the MX88, so the MX88 doesn’t generate the audio.

Attach screenshot of the Audio Connections > Inputs, please.

If you haven’t used daw software before and are not conversant with midi then you will struggle as it is a huge learning curve. This is to be expected and you will need to learn a bit first. When I bought Cubase years ago on the Atari and a multitimbral keyboard pulse 4track I eventually had to book a week off work to get to grips with it. It’s not just Cubase. It’s any daw. Knowing how midi and audio differ and working with them both together is hard. Stick with it as it’s worth it.

Got it! Thanks for pointing me in right direction. I hadn’t done the studio set up properly and even though my midi was working fine the audio in was still set to the mic. It’s gonna take a while to get used to where stuff is etc… but at least now I can set up tracks, record and make mp3. The basics. Thanks all.


I would recommend to visit official Steinberg YouTube channel. You can find there some Quick Start videos, which are really great.

Hi Thissoldfish

Firstly welcome to Cubase and the forums :slight_smile: Glad you got your problem sorted out.
I started up with Cubase last June.And found Cubase quite scary and confusing to at first go.Although I had a little experience coming from other Daws in the past
Here is my top tips :slight_smile:

  1. First of all ,as you have done ,is to post onto these forums,lots of great people here,from all backgrounds :slight_smile:

  2. From the Cubase Hub you can access the online help manual too

  3. Write down notes, etc as a helper

  4. Take your time, learn sections a bit each day if possible.Have a look at Cubase own videos,and also on Youtube people like Chris Selim and Talking Leaf are excellent

  5. Worth considering ( if you can afford to do this) is a course from Groove 3 or MacProvideo, these are paid for but excellent too

Thanks for those tips and leads. Sorry I didn’t see the manual… was just kind of working my way through it by trial and lots of error!

I’ll check all that stuff out.

Your welcome! :smiley:

Ps. I like the online help manual,as it has a searchable bar,instead of searching through large numbers of pages.

I’m struggling with the same issue. You mind telling me how you fixed it?