So Dad!

Hello everyone!

Here is my last little musical piece. I hope you will appreciate. All comments are welcomed.

Good listening to all! :sunglasses:

It have a good feeling, I really like it, great work.
Keep it on !

Thanks Ryan!

I appreciate that you took the time to listen.

Hi Rlebla, I am just enjoying this one right now. I really like the various sounds you use, and the mix in general. What is the significance of “So Dad”? Just curious. Love your stuff.

Hello Early21,

Thank you for these nice comments and I’m glad you like it. I really appreciate.

To answer your curiosity. The title is a play on words referring to my father who was an excellent fiddler. He died a few years ago in this time of the year. Although this music has nothing to do with the music we did together, I sometimes have a certain nostalgia (Sodade or Saudade) of our musical moments. Consider this song as a thought for him …

Thanks and have a nice day!

Ah, I should have gotten the Saudade pun. The sentiment is very appealing.

I found it super neat. Really clean one.
No shoes :slight_smile:

Thank you Stephco! I appreciate these comments. Coming from a person who composes pieces as original and interesting as yours, it touches me because I admire what you do.