So, do i go 8.0.20 or what ?

Dear all,

It is still unclear to me if the last update brings major problems or not. I see a few people claiming it’s a nightmare for them, but they seem isolated.

What is the situation ? Are you up and running ?

I’m on Win 7 x64.

Thanks in advance !

runs good here

Been a real nightmare here since I upgraded. Everything is f*cked up (have a look at this thread : )

Your setup is kinda similar to mine so to be honest ? If everything runs smooth for you with 8.0.10 and you don’t absolutely need to upgrade to take advantage of the (very poor) new features of the newest upgrade…DO NOT do it.

Personally, I would not.
I’m hearing about more problems I can deal with… I’m doing well with 8.0.10, but still get minor glitches and bugs.
I’m even thinking about going back to 7.5.4, which I hear is the most stable currently.

7.5.4 was in fact the most stable indeed. 8.0.10 was decent though so OP, if you’re running that one I would stick to it !

8…0.20 runs very good, on my setup, better than 8.0.10 and way better than any 7.x.x.xx version. But You never know before you try it on your own setup, scary stuff indeed.

On Mac here and as far as I can tell 8.0.20 doesn’t make anything worse. It doesn’t fix anything either. Make of that what you will :unamused:



there is a article on specific problem for some with 8.0.20 update , maybe it can help some users solving problems

I haven’t done 8.0.20. I’m on 8.0.10.

I can’t actually say that I use any of the new features whatsoever - not even the Plugin Manager.

And I guess I’m just too stupid :unamused: to know when & where I would use VCA Faders, so I probably could have saved myself the $99 upgrade price at the end of the day.

Especially since I haven’t noticed any performance improvements with Q Pro 8.

For instance the load times were supposed to be faster - much faster I think I even read - but I actually see it a bit slower than 7.5.3 - [didn’t get up to 7.5.4].

Example: A simple MIDI only project of about 20 tracks with just 2 instances of Kontakt 4 - [4 stereo outs], and a few CLA 76 Stereo Insert Vsts, and just one instance of REVelation with about 10 sends.

That takes about 35 seconds to load.

Maybe not that bad, but not that good either. Faster in 7.5.3.

There are 2 things that I noticed Q Pro 8 does that 7.5.3 didn’t:

  1. It doesn’t recall my VST connections if I open a ‘New Project’ - nor the colour pallette that Seyoum so graciously gave us.
  2. If I click to open my audio interface’s user panel, playback stops altogether.
    So then if I stop playback first and then open it next, playback won’t even start again until I close it.

Don’t know if these are bugs or not, but I didn’t have to deal with them in 7.5.3.

I still have 7.5.3 installed side by side Pro 8, so I might just do the 7.5.4 update and go back to that one.

Hope this helps.

My opinion… upgrade it as soon as you can and hope you don’t get any of the issues reported here on this forum. Which, when you think about it, is a small percentage of the total CB user crowd. For me, no new issues and some have been fixed. Nice!

Regards :sunglasses:

everything is working perfect here…
at least for my Setup and workflow…

I skipped it.

Just about blagged a stable system with 8.0.10 after a complete system format, not going to let Steinberg ruin anymore creativity for me.

This version confuses me, I love the features, I don’t love how sloppy it all appears to be and the disregard given to any paying users with issues. I’m just not a fan of people who point fingers rather than trying to solve a problem, and I see a lot of fingers being pointed at plugins, or hardware setups. But every other audio manufacturers software works fine on the same machines. I’d just rather someone said 'This won’t work on Windows 7/OSX version…", or “yeah we really ballsed up this version”.

I know Live 8 had a load of issues, which they addressed brilliantly in Live 9. My fingers are crossed something similar happens with Cubase! Not holding my breath though… :unamused:

If it aint broken don’t fix it…the update improved nothing for me…busy with a studio one 3 trial at the mo…
cubase is getting a bit clunky…