So... errr.... the fonts are way too grey now

I’m not down with this grey everyone asked for, everything is washed out, illegible and I have a hard time focusing/zooming in on things.

I was one of the few who liked he high contrast white pre-update… Maybe it was a bit too bright and could’ve been turned down 10%, but this grey is way too dark, I can’t see or find anything… keep skipping/missing buttons at first try and have to scan back and forth until I focus on things.

Can we get the white back please or implement some middle ground?

Why is there still not an option to customize it? Is this an impossible to implement feature that requires countless software engineer hours?

If there were an option to set your own overall contrast settings, like a slider in the Preferences, that would be cool.

Me, I’m happy with the new look and can read everything just fine.

Performance and stability are far, far more important to me. I couldn’t believe the enormous thread griping about fader caps. I don’t even notice these things. I just want to get music done.

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Agree, but the fonts are also so tiny in the places that they’re hard to see. If they were larger the brightness might not be as much of an issue, but agree that there should be an option to make them brighter – leaving it to the user to adjust to what works for us individually is the best idea here.