So far so good but a couple of issues

The update to C8 from C7.5 went very smoothly. I worked on a project created in 7.5 with no problems with backward compatibility.

However so far 2 things:

  1. The control devices for Frontier Tranzport and Alphatrack no longer appear in the list of devices.

  2. During a Render in Place, after 3 successful renders, the fourth one hung Cubase. I had to kill off the process and start over. I was using rendering by blocks. Once I reloaded and rendered the same track using the One Event option, it went fine. The only plugin on the track was Melodyne.

Is there some incompatibility with the Frontier Tranzport? I use that a lot so it would be nice to get that back.

I’m having the same issue. I can’t activate the midi out port for it either.

My tranzport shows up. You gotta copy the transport dll file from the Cubase 7.5 components folder to the Cubase 8 components folder - if I recall correctly. I’m not at my computer…

You are right about the dll’s. Hec, I copied that dll to a bunch of folders “just in case”. BUT I figured it out. 1. Device Setup 2. Remote Devices 3. Hit the plus sign to add device 4. Alpha Track was there and click on it 5. set midi output and midi input to Alpha Track and like magic, it all works again :smiley:

Render In Place has crashed Cubase a lot of times on my system, but only when i choose several parts. I have yet have it crash when i render a Track.

So yeah I forgot to copy the dll’s but when I did and restarted Cubase 8 and added the device, it recognizes the device but does not respond correctly, whether in Tranzport Native or Tranzport Cubase (Mackie Control) mode.

None of the track names appear in the TP, just Mono 1, Mono 2, etc. and it does not seem to recognize Record button, although it does read Solo. The actual transport works, but the whole functionality is much limited.

Anyone else get the Tranzport to work like it did in 7.5?

Not sure if this is a solution, but there is a 64 bit tranzport dll file. Check their website.

Yeah I was using that. But I just uninstalled the driver, reinstalled, then now its working!

What I was seeing as Mono 1, Mono 2, etc. were the output buses, not the tracks, so when I kept advancing to the next, I eventually found my track names. This was not an issue before, but at least I know what needs to be done to use it.

Resurrecting this thread (on Easter Sunday, no less!)
After I installed Cubase 9.5 notice that my Tranzport no longer worked. After going through numerous uninstalls/reinstalls, the unit would not link.
So I tried plugging into a USB 3 multiport instead of the USB 2 which had 6 other devices, and now I could get it to link. Power issue probably.

So I got the setup done, I could see midi coming in, and the transport functions worked, but nothing else. No arm, no track switching, etc.
I had the applet set to use Cubase/Mackie protocol.
So just for grins I want back to Tranzport Native, and now it works fine!
So just in case you run into this, try the Native mode in 9.5.