So far, this is complete garbage.

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To be able to post in the WL7 forums you must register your “USB-eLicenser/Steinberg Key” that contains your WaveLab 7 license to your MySteinberg account by entering the eLicenser USB number when following the “Product registration” procedure. You can find the USB number in the eLicenser Control Center.

Go about like this:

  • Download and install the latest eLicenser Control Center from
  • Connect the “USB-eLicenser/Steinberg Key” and let Windows automatically install the driver.
  • Open the eLicenser Control Center through “Start–> Programs–> eLicenser–> eLicenser Control Center” and enter your WL7 activation code to download the license to your “USB-eLicenser/Steinberg Key”.
  • On the left of the eLCC you will also see your USB Nr. This is the number you must enter in your MySteinberg account.
  • In your MySteinberg account click on “Product registration” and follow the procedure, to register your “USB-eLicenser/Steinberg Key” correctly.

Once you have registered the “USB-eLicenser/Steinberg Key” hat contains the WL7 license correctly and you access the forums through that account and login you will be able to post in the WL7 forums.

The subject matter and tone of the post next to your smily avatar are quite paradoxical.

WaveLab 7 Rulez!

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Install it from here:

Might you be the mysterious Dr. Quantum trying to bring enlightment on mind-boggeling quantum physics to the Steinberg community? This is all very suspicious…

Information regarding the activation is provided in analog and digital form in the WL7 box. Just ckeck your “Essential License Information” paper with the activation code and the references during installation.

When you install WaveLab 7 the elcc will be installed automatically unless you abort/deny this during the installation process. You will find that there is a new application in the finder “Go To–> Applications–> eLicenser”. This is the program you will need to license the software and where you need to enter your activation code.

Here is a wiki on drivers:



Please watch the language a little !!

Even a Mac is only a “computer”, made by human, and needs drivers for hardware not made by Apple.



So, can someone tell me where the “block user” function can be found?

Seriously? Click on the users name in their post and in the next window hit “foe”. Or just shake your head incredulously.

ah ok… thanks! On the other hand… sometimes these posts like the one of the OP are kind of amusing as well. And who wants a “foe” list anyway…? :smiley:


heh. I have felt exactly like FourThirtyTwo! But I try not to speak like that on a forum because five years later the post is still there for all to see. If ever I want to run for president of the USA it would be a scandal. :confused:

There are some classic responses on here. By all means, go ahead and “foe” me Marsman. It’s hilarious that you would “block” someone who has a series of perfectly legitimate complaints. You clearly don’t work in an environment where you have to answer to anyone on a regular basis. Lucky you. Or perhaps you have a license to print money and it ain’t no thang when an expensive piece of software doesn’t work as indicated right out of the box. Ahh to live such a privileged life… Enjoy the view up there, pally.

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Now, as I’ve finally got WL7 registered by getting the software from eL’s site, there is the other set of issues; namely the WaveLab 7 Start

When you click this thing, it starts asking to be pointed to file locations (??!?!??!!)

No, when “WaveLab 7 Start” the start center should start up. It seems to me like you are having some problems with your system or DVD drive. Try to copy the entire content of the WL7 DVD to an empty folder and start the start center from there.

First you cant install WaveLab and now you even have bad luck with the images and the phpBB system.
It seems like nothing is realy working for you and that computers have conspired with foxiness against you. :frowning:

WaveLab 7 works right out the box and is very easy to install.

It happens very rearly that sombody cannot install WaveLab 7.
Most users have no problem with operating there system as well as installing and activating WaveLab 7.

Did you try to install WaveLab 7 without the start center yet? :arrow_right:

Put the WaveLab 7 DVD disc into the DVD drive. Now open the finder of Mac OX X and navigate through the datastructure of the DVD. Double click on the “WaveLab 7.mpkg” file in the “WaveLab 7 for Mac OS X” folder and install WaveLab 7.

JHP: There was absolutely no prompt for installing any eLicenser upon installation. Nada. Sorry.

So you actually already installed WaveLab 7? You’re welcome?

Brilliant! It already feels like I’m back to my Windows machine.

It’s not the machine you use but the attitude you use it with that is important and defines the experience.


Hmm…not much information to go on, so l will ask a basic question. what exactly are you having a problem with?

Can’t help but think… if there were printed quickstart guides and manuals that came with this $600 software alot of these kind of questions might not fester until they were released as anger on a forum.

Having to search for info on the internet or in pdf’s to just get up and running can be infuriating especially if you are under client pressures. Now I agree, coming off angry to the very people (other users) who are really your last resort for help probably isn’t the best recipe for getting assistance but I can empathize with anyone having to learn Wavelab 7 because I was seriously shocked at the lack of documentation and find it unacceptable.