So glad I bought the full version...

Ok, so I had an advantage coming from Studio 5, and not having got C6 but with V7 it is a really awesome tool to work with.

Firstly, no matter if you are are in the Key or Drum editor you can invoke the plugin edit page at any time.

2, the zoom modes are utterly awesome, no longer does the page expand horizontally when “homing in” on a selected part (not so with V6, that I trialled)

3, What anyone says about the new MixConsole, I’m totally digging how I can make routings for a number of tracks and then hide it and move on easily to the next pane which most logically is “inserts”. It is also easy to see the track type without having to hide things just by virtue of the components involved.

  1. Visibility allows you to highlight specific tracks from a list of all tracks, whereas Zones allow you to re-order the mixer without, again having to hide things

All in all a fine effort that one can be sure to write home about.


and i’m in the same boat as the OP

+1 it is pretty awesome !


I don’t see how anyone can disagree with that! :wink:

Another great feature that sets the new version apart is the ability to isolate controller messages in List Edit, thereby enabling you to remove redundant controller information from MIDI tracks in the case of changing to a new VST, which I just did using the Kontakt factory library from an old HALion retail version due to decrease memory requirements.