So here's a strange request: Anyone know how to do a realtime freeze of a track?

I don’t normally bother freezing instruments, my projects are small enough there’s no need, just run everything live and then when I am done, have it render out a mixdown. Cool deal…

…except that BFD3 is broken and seems to be dropping tails in fast bounce mode. I can do a realtime bounce of the whole project, of course, but what I’d rather do is just do a realtime freeze on the BFD3 track, check to make sure it sounds right, then proceed.

I don’t see any obvious way to do that though. Is that possible, or is it just not something that is Nuendo is set up for?

In the long run I’m just going to drop BFD3 I think :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d recommend Superior Drummer 3 in a heartbeat. Fantastic plugin. Spendy, but fantastic.

As far as a realtime bounce, I think you could route the instrument track to a bus (or group track) and then record the output of that to a new audio track/s. I’m still relatively new to Nuendo (coming from Pro Tools), and that’s how I’d do it there.

Perhaps someone with more experience will suggest an alternative.


I have been seriously eying SD3. I don’t really wanna spend on a drum kit again… but then I spend all the time on gear I don’t really need so getting something I do might be worth it :smiley: BFD3 has just been trouble and it doesn’t look like Inmusic is getting it back on track. It is also one of only 3 VST2 only plugins I still have so if Steinberg does indeed stop VST2 support it is on borrowed time anyhow.

Question about SD3: Does it do well for kits with 6 (or more) toms? I like to do two sets of two rack toms and two floor toms, sometimes more. Silly I know but hey. It’s uncommon though so not all software supports it, or has kits recorded like that.

I tend to use the smaller kits, but there are several stock metal kits that allow for two floor and rack toms. They’re grey’ed out when you load the kit, but they can be added. I don’t think you can go crazy with it, but a quick check of some of the presets shows that you can do some of what you want within reason. You can always use multiple instances, which I do sometimes.